Update: Man accused of stabbing dog in head waives preliminary hearing

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UPDATE: On Monday, Paul Factor waived his preliminary hearing.

Factor is accused of jumping the fence at Beck's Auto and stabbing a dog in the head.

Factor's attorney says his client drank too much alcohol the night of the break-in and regrets his actions.

At this time, Factor is charged with burglary, assault with a dangerous weapon and animal cruelty.


OKLAHOMA CITY - Police now have a prime suspect in a case of animal cruelty that happened last August.

For nine months, Lucy's owner, Jeff Beck, has been wondering one thing: who broke into his auto shop, stabbed one of his dogs and left with nothing?

"Initially, you're angry, and you want retribution," said Beck. "You want to find the back story. Tou want to find out what the hell, who just stabs a dog in the face?"

Now, police say Paul Factor is their man, a former teacher at a Yukon middle school. dog stabbing suspect

Police say the man left a bar on N. Western Ave., tried to kick in someone's back door, jumped the fence at Beck's Auto and the dogs met him there.

That's when the intruder stabbed Lucy, a three-year-old dog.

Beck said, "As I understand, later on after he came out of our backyard, that he had another knife on him, that he accosted some people cleaning up after the bar closed,"

The owner of the Sipango bar says that's right, but witnesses remember a man with long hair, not a man that looked like Factor.

"We weren't here, but they've got blood samples," said Beck. "We leave that to police. That's their responsibility to determine if that was the same guy or not."

Whoever did it, left Lucy hospitalized.

"It's hard for me to look at her and not see that," said Beck's wife, Theresa.

Beck says he is glad the dog was able to survive instead of a child or person on the street.

"He could have killed someone, you know?" said Beck.

To the intruder, Beck says pay up for stabbing Lucy.

He wants the man to pay vet bills and pay time for animal cruelty.

Police have a warrant for Factor's arrest.

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