Botox, it lifts your face and … your mood?

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Getting Botox injections can make people feel better about their appearance – but new research suggests the facial filler may treat depression as well.

A small study found 17 out of 33 patients had significant relief to depression symptoms after one Botox injection.

27% of the group had a total remission.

It’s not yet clear how Botox helps – and injections are expensive and last only three months.

But experts hope it will one day be used along with other medications or psychotherapy to treat depression patients.

According to Dr. Stewart Levine, “Their depressions symptoms were 50 percent less in the patients that received Botox, and only like about 9 percent less in the patients that received saline, showing that these muscles are actually feeding back to the brain and the muscles are telling the brain that, ‘Well, OK, we’re not making frowns anymore. We’re relaxed, so you should be relaxed, too,’ and making people feel better,”

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