Logan County fire survivors worry about looters invading their property

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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. - Many Logan County fire survivors are digging through piles of ashes, looking for anything they can salvage.

Some families worry looters will now be lurking in the area and are taking matters into their own hands to protect their property.

O.D. Jamison and his daughter Jessica are sifting through what is left of their home.

They plan on doing whatever they can to protect what they have left.

Jamison said, "Even if I have to stay out here with no electricity and no water to protect what I do have left, then I will."

After the fire destroyed their home, O.D. Jamison drove four hours to Dallas to pick up his brother's camper.

"It's beautiful to me, but it's just a camper now," said Jamison. "There will be four of us living in here."

Jessica believes the camper will bring their family closer together.

"I just hope that it makes us stronger and that we can rebuild from this," said Jessica Jamison.

The fire has been tough on the Jamison family, but O.D. Jamison says he will continue to stay strong.

Jamison said, "When you lose your home, lose all your family pictures and stuff, sometimes you just want to throw your hands up in the air and say I quit, but I’m not going to."

The Logan County Sheriff’s office said they have been stepping up patrols in the Terrill Estates neighborhood and will be for the next week, keeping an eye for looters.

To donate to the Jamison family, please visit their Go Fund Me page.

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