Police: Alleged thieves pick the wrong home to burglarize, now quarantined

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A pair of alleged thieves picked the wrong house to steal from.

Last month, the FBI and the Oklahoma City Police Department arrested Preston Rhoads for allegedly plotting to kill his girlfriend with a deadly toxin, ricin.

Rhoads has been in jail ever since.

This week, Kevin Phillips and Ramon Stephens allegedly broke into Rhoads' home.

The suspects are accused of stealing some water bottles and a speaker system.

The home has plenty of warning signs outside telling people to stay away.

"We ain't going to go no where near the house," said neighbor Robert Carter.

Robert and his neighbors have kept their distance after police raided the home, but not everyone got the warning.

"They got signs posted that probably means stay away," said Carter. "Nobody in this neighborhood was going to go near it."

A neighbor noticed the break-in and alerted police.

"I guess they heard he was in jail and thought let's go steal his stuff," said neighbor Sarah Rowland.

Oklahoma City Police Captain Dexter Nelson, "Only the suspects could tell you why they broke into this home, but it was widely publicized that Mr. Rhoads was in custody and they took the opportunity to break into his home."

Once taken to the Oklahoma County jail, the suspects had to be isolated and decontaminated.

The officers who made the arrest were also told to shower to decontaminate themselves.

"The ricin in the house was not of a weaponized grade," said Nelson. "That would have involved a more extensive decontamination."

A spokesperson at the county jail says the suspects have both been cleaned and are no longer a threat to anyone else in the jail.

In the long run, the owner of the home is responsible for the cleanup on the home.

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