Public enemy number two, police sniff out alleged “serial pooper”

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HOUSTON, TX. – Houston authorities are looking for a man accused of something you’d expect from a dog – relieving himself on other people’s property.

According to KPRC, residents in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Houston, Tx., are getting sick and tired of

the mysterious pooper selecting their front yards to use the restroom.

Leaving behind a stinky mess for homeowners to clean up.

The man reportedly left unwanted presents in front of one home in the area six times, according to KPRC.

Police in the area are vigorously looking  for this man, who has been captured in the act by a surveillance camera.

One homeowner set up a camera in a tree to try and catch him.

Residents who keep waking up to the mess are fed up.

“We don’t want that happening. We don’t want dogs pooping in our yards, why would we want a human pooping? It is very strange though,” says a neighbor named Aimee Parsons.

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