Teen accused of murdering father, lives with body for nearly a week

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EAGLE COUNTY, CO. – Investigators say a teenage boy shot and killed his father at their home in the mountains in Eagle County, Colorado.

They say he then lived alone in the house with his father’s corpse for nearly a week before it was discovered.

Authorities say sometime around April 29th or 30th, the teen got his hands on a rifle.

They say he fired at least two shots at his father – one to the temple and one to the back of the head.

They say the boy ended up calling in every day reporting his father as sick at work.

After a few days, the supervisor from the County-run transit Department got suspicious and called police.

Police say when he answered the door, the boy told deputies his father was dead in the home.

The sheriff says they still don’t know the motive.

The sheriff’s office says the teen’s mother has not been living in the home with her son or ex-husband – but won’t release any information.

The teen is in a juvenile facility in Jefferson County, but has been charged with first-degree murder.

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