Woman comes to the aid of her boyfriend, settles attack with baseball bat

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Police arrested two men after they allegedly beat a man with a baseball bat outside a local motel.

30-year-old Esteban Perez and 45-year-old Patrick Paniagua told police they mistook their victim, Ryan Winkleman, for a man who allegedly has a hit on one of their loved ones.

Winkleman and his girlfriend, Cathrynn Crick were the wrong targets, in more ways than one.

“He grabbed me by my hair, had me down, was tugging me around, yanking my neck around,” says Winkleman. “I blacked out from there. I don’t remember anything. I remember getting hit in the head three times with something hard.”

Winkleman's luck changed when Crick got a hold of the baseball bat.

“They was trying to kill the both of us,” says Crick. “Finally they dropped whatever they had, I picked it up and I kept cracking them in the head with it, over and over and over again.”

Nothing was going to stop her until they let go of Winkleman.

Beaten and bloodied, she says Perez and Paniagua were in way over their heads.

“All of the blood that was on us was not ours,” says Crick. “What they failed to realize was I’m a UFC fighter so I was able to defend myself and my old man when he wasn’t able to.”

Perez and Paniagua admitted to police later that Winkleman was not their guy.

“If the guy looks like me that`s kind of scary,” says Winkleman. “It makes me feel like they’ve been watching me for a couple of days.”

In the end, the couple got away with a few broken bones, a sprained ankle, whiplash and knots on their heads.

Their injuries are nothing compared to the pain Perez and Paniagua are in.

Winkleman says, “Sorry for your luck.”

“It was a bad day for them,” says Crick.

After being treated at the hospital for their injuries, Perez and Paniagua were booked into the Oklahoma County jail for assault with a deadly weapon.

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