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Collison weighs in on the NBA’s MVP

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OKLAHOMA CITY – After Kevin Durant’s big day on Tuesday, some of his teammates are weighing in on the NBA’s MVP.

In a Sports Illustrated online article, Nick Collison says Durant is the ultimate teammate.

Collison says he developed his cult following because of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook saying “Their success raises all of us.”

Collison says in 30 years, the thing he will remember most about Durant is how he treats people.

“Thirty years from now, what I’ll remember most about Kevin is how he treated people.” said Collison.  “Because his world is really crazy. He can’t go anywhere without people coming up to him. Everybody wants something. It would almost be understandable for him to not have a good feel for how to deal with people. But he’s managed to stay true to who he was on that first day I met him seven years ago. He’s still respectful. What you see is who he is. Everybody who works for the Thunder, he works with them, they don’t work for him. We’re all peers.”