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FBI: Have you purchased a vehicle in the last 24 months? Then you could be a victim

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OKLAHOMA – The FBI and the Office of Oklahoma Attorney General are asking to speak to people who believe the may be victims of an investment scam that involves the purchase of automobiles.

According to investigators, the scam involved victims being told you can get a new car for free and not make any payments if you agree to give the subject your rebate money.

The subject states he will invest your rebate in a trust or a co-op and the profits will be used to make your car payments.

The subject also asks you to make referrals of other persons who want new cars. The rebate money from the referrals has allegedly been used to make some car payments.

If you have purchased a vehicle in Oklahoma in the past 24 months and believe you have been subjected to this fraud scheme and have been advised by your bank that your auto loan is delinquent, you may be a victim.

If you have any information, you can reach the FBI at (405) 290-7770 or the Attorney General at (405) 521-3921.