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Man keeps his dead mother’s body in freezer for three years

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KENTUCKY – Police say a Kentucky man kept the remains of his elderly mother in a freezer for three years so he could keep collecting her social security checks.

Authorities say Jon Whiteford shot and killed himself after police tracked him down.

It wasn’t until a month later that investigators found his mother’s dead body.

Jon Whiteford was his bedridden mother’s caregiver – and according to investigators he had access to her finances.

96-year-old Faye Whiteford apparently died of natural causes in spring 2011.

Deputies say her son continued collecting her social security and retirement benefits – storing his mother’s remains in a freezer.

Around Christmas of 2013, Jon was forced from his home. Deputies say he took Faye’s remains to a home he planned to rent in Wayne County.

As crews searched for Faye, they say they tracked down Jon Whiteford at a home near his, where he shot and killed himself.

The remains of Faye Whiteford were found in Wayne County in late April – tied up in a tarp and partially covered with a wooden box in front of the home.