Marketing manager: KD’s speech does more for him than an NBA championship

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While many Oklahomans already had a clear picture of who Kevin Durant was before his MVP speech, now the nation is talking about Oklahoma City’s superstar.

Since his emotional speech, his agent says the phone has been ringing off the hook.

Michael Yormark, president and chief of branding and strategy for Roc Nation, said, “Everyone is calling and saying that’s the kind of guy we want to be affiliated with. Today, he’s America’s favorite son, someone every mom and every dad can identify with.”

In his 26 minute speech on Tuesday, Durant praised each of his Oklahoma City Thunder teammates, management, fans and God.

He also received a standing ovation when he spoke of the hardships his mother endured.

He said, “You’re the real MVP.”

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Matt Delzell, a managing director of The Marketing Arm, said, “It seems like every female who didn’t know who he was loves him right now. My wife watched and thought it was the sweetest thing on the face of the Earth.”

Experts say Durant is adored in Oklahoma City, but is not as well-known across the country to those who don’t follow the sport.

Durant has a contract with Nike but his other deals are pretty low profile.

Delzell says he can appear to be stiff on camera and plays for a team in a relatively small media market.

However, he says the speech reaches way beyond gaining a few adoring fans.

Delzell said, “I think the speech does more for him than winning a championship does, because of its humanizing nature.”