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Police on the prowl for alleged “cat burglar” obsessed with Hello Kitty

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EDMOND, Okla - Cartoon characters may rise and fall in popularity over the years but Hello Kitty seems to have some staying power!

From plates to pillows, bicycles to blankets, that cherub kitty face is on everything.

PJ Korzun, a Wal-Mart shopper, said, "I still have a Hello Kitty hand puppet. I had it when I was a kid and kept it."

And authorities say its appeal reaches beyond just children.

Edmond police say they are looking for a woman for questioning regarding a theft at the store.

Detectives say the woman was seen leaving the Wal-Mart, near Danforth and Santa Fe, with a basket full of merchandise, without paying.

Jenny Monroe, spokesperson for the Edmond Police Department, said, "You can see in her cart, there is a Hello Kitty bag. Obviously, this is someone who has interest in Hello Kitty."

Officers say the woman got away in a black Ford F-150.

It's a pretty common pick up, especially in Oklahoma.

However, this truck was anything but ordinary.

The back window was plastered with Hello Kitty decals.

Brenda Korzun said, "Well, she'll be easy to find, won't she?"

In addition to that Hello Kitty bag, police say the woman took a $400 ACER computer and, ironically, a $350 home security system.

And authorities say it'll be store security photos that ultimately leads them to the Hello Kitty culprit.