Iowa officer walks away from unusual accident during traffic stop

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CENTERVILLE, Iowa – An Iowa police officer survives an unusual accident during a traffic stop and it was all caught on tape.

Officer Jeremy Veach, with the Centerville Police Department, said, “I heard a couple cracks, a very loud pop. In hindsight, I had time to think, ‘Holy cow, a tree is falling.”

A 30 foot oak came crashing down on the officer.

Authorities say it could have easily crushed Veach with a direct hit.

He said, “Fortunately for me and unfortunately for the owner of the vehicle, it absorbed a good portion of the impact.”

Veach says it felt like being swatted with a giant fly swatter.

He said, “I was picking tree bark out of my ears, out of my hair. I mean it just exploded tree crumbs everywhere.”

Amazingly, he limped away with only scrapes and bruises.

Veach needed three stitches in his elbow.

He said, “I just thank God, it could have been a lot worse than it was.”

The tree appeared healthy and there was no wind that night, so it seems like a just a freak accident.

The driver who was pulled over was not injured and did not receive a ticket.

However, her van was totaled.

He said, “That’s the one true way to get out of a ticket. You know, everyone asks police officers how you get out of a ticket. If a tree falls on you, you’re probably going to get off.”

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