Boy Scouts come to the rescue after award-winning journalist breaks her ankle on trail

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Boy Scouts are known for their first-aid and survival skills but a troop from New Jersey recently sprung into action to save a well-known journalist.

On April 5, NBC journalist Ann Curry broke her ankle while hiking on a trail.

Amazingly, Boy Scout Troop 368 stumbled upon Curry and asked if she was alright.

According to Scouting Magazine, she told them to keep going but the boys refused to leave her side, creating a makeshift splint.

While her leg was splinted, she still wasn’t able to make it down the mountain to get to medical attention.

The scouts eventually created a makeshift stretcher out of pieces of wood and a tarp.

They carried her down the mountain to her car, where her husband and son were trying to get help from park rangers.

Curry eventually called the scout leader and got the addresses of everyone there that day, sending each member a hand-signed letter.

The letter thanked them for their “skill and professionalism.”

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