Officials to decide if Anadarko murder was in self-defense

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ANADARKO, Okla. – OSBI agents have stepped in to help Caddo County officials investigate a murder with special circumstances.

A disturbing call came to the Caddo County Sheriff's Office on Monday afternoon.

It was a woman saying she had shot 56-year-old Allyn White in their rural home just west of Anadarko.

Even with that admission, she isn't behind bars.

"We do not have probable cause at this time to believe an actual crime has occurred, if it’s self-defense,” says OSBI spokeswoman Jessica Brown. “What OSBI is doing right now, we are the fact-finders in this case. We’re going to investigate by talking to everybody we can, including the subject of this investigation.”

The victim told authorities White hit her and threatened to kill her with his rifle.

In self-defense, she says she ended up shooting him.

In 1996, White was convicted of rape, pointing a firearm at his victim, violating protective orders and intimidating a state's witness.

Now, investigators have to find out if White was acting violently toward the woman who shot him on Monday.

“Was there cause? Did you fear for your life or fear for someone else’s life?” asks Brown. “That’s something in Oklahoma that the DA’s or the prosecutors have to decide where that line is and was that line crossed.”

White was also one of the 2,400 people eligible to have their names removed from the state's sex offender registry list.

According to investigators the woman and the victim are related in some way, but they cannot identify how until they figure out what happened yesterday afternoon.

Once OSBI completes their full report, the District Attorney’s office will decide if charges will be filed or not.

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