Student arrested for alleged school threats on twitter

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EDMOND, Okla. - Edmond police have charged a high school student with "threatening an act of violence" after he allegedly posted messages on Twitter saying he intended to "shoot up" Santa Fe HS.

The National Sentinel Program, a national watchdog group that monitors social media to stop school violence, notified officials after seeing the tweets from April 30 to May 2.

Edmond police say an officer immediately pulled the student out of class to discuss the tweets.

In a police report, the student tweeted "I'm gonna shoot up the school if I fail the EOI."

He also tweeted, "I wanna tell my kids that I survived a school shooting and seem like a bad*** (expletive). So some white kid better shoot up the school or I will."

Another tweet that raised concerns said, "Looks like I ain't gonna shoot up the school."

"(Police) interviewed him and he was very cooperative," spokesperson Jenny Monroe said. "He said he was trying to be funny and to boost his social media following on Twitter."

That student told police kids respond to school violence tweets and he was just trying to get attention.

After a search of his parents' two homes, Monroe said they found nothing to make them think the student had any real intention or means to be violent at school.

"Whether it's a joke or whether there was actual intent to cause harm, we have to take these kinds of tweets seriously," Edmond Public Schools Spokesperson Susan Parks-Schlepp said. "There's that expression that if you would not stand on a table in the cafeteria and shout it, you shouldn't put it on social media."

Parks-Schlepp said Edmond Santa Fe HS parents were not notified of these tweets because police determined he was not a serious threat.

That student was suspended for the rest of the year and faces out of custody charges that will be presented to the Juvenile DA's office.


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