Thunder fans’ love for the team ‘stands alone’ in recent poll

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OKLAHOMA CITY – As the Oklahoma City Thunder prepare to take on the Los Angeles Clippers Tuesday night, it seems they have a strong fan base behind them.

It’s something residents in the Sooner State already knew but a recent article by the New York Times put it in a different perspective.

The NY Times ‘The Upshot’ created a map, showing the loyalty of fans across the country.

Organizers turned to Facebook to figure out how residents really feel about their NBA teams.

Most of the country roots for the Los Angeles Lakers but Oklahoma is blazoned in blue for the Thunder.

The only exceptions are Cimarron and Texas counties, which favor the Lakers above the local team.

The Thunder do not seem to be getting much love from anywhere else in the country but the article says the team’s fans are extremely loyal and make up for the lack of fans in other parts of the country.

It states, “In 2012, the New York Times Magazine wrote that the Oklahoma City Thunder were “the culmination of 20 years of civic reinvention” and that “the city and its team have undergone a perfect mind meld.”

“Facebook has no data for mind melding (at least, that they’re sharing with the public), but the data is consistent with the kind of support the magazine reported. Other teams are more popular over all, but in terms of intensity, the Thunder’s fans stand alone- or, possibly, with Chicagoans and their Bulls.”

To no one’s surprise, the poll also found the Oklahoma City Thunder do not get much support from their former home in Seattle.

Click here to take a look at the map and read the article.

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