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Concerned mother looks for help solving an 18 year old cold murder case

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ENID, Okla. - A mother is crying for help now that the brutal murder of her son has gone unsolved for almost 20 years.

In February of 1997, 18-year-old Tramon Johnson and 19-year-old Michael Colbert were gunned down at Enid's Holiday Motel.

Johnson’s mother, Yvetta Hicks, says, “He was a beautiful kid, he was. He didn’t mean no harm to nobody.”

Burying a child is something a mother should never have to do.

“I prayed and prayed, I said God please don’t let me be one of those mothers,” says Hicks. “Please don’t let me have to bury one of my kids.”

But back in 1997, Tramon was wrapped up in things she knew could leave him in prison, or worse.

“I knew what he was doing. I’m not dumb,” says Hicks. “I didn’t want him in Enid but his butt was hard-headed. He went.”

Yvetta remembers speeding 90 miles up Highway 81 to get to Enid. She tried to cross the yellow tape that separated her from him in Room 28.

Footage from 1997 shows a grieving Hicks after learning of her son’s death.

A witness on the scene says, “It’s two bodies layin dead in Room 28. He was just stuffed all in the corner with blood all over him and stuff.”

Hicks has saved every story written about the hunt for their killers.

“They had a lot of them that they brought in and they had a lot of them that they let go,” says Hicks.

18 years later, with a lack of evidence and cooperation, Enid police, OSBI and the FBI are still at a dead-end.

“It’s still an open case,” says Hicks. “There’s just dust on the files.”

They just need one person to come forward. Hicks thinks that one person is here in Oklahoma City.

“I know somebody know. I know several people know. It hurts me a lot because they won’t say nothing,” says Hicks. “If y’all could feel the pain that I’m going through that y’all would help. All I want to know is who did it.”

Again, investigators are relying on information from witnesses to solve this almost 20-year-old case.

If you know anything, even the smallest bit of information will help, call (580) 233-6233 to leave an anonymous tip.

Hicks would also like to thank her sister, Valarie Miller, in Houston for putting together Tramon’s funeral and doing things she couldn’t after learning of her son’s death.