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Human Ken Doll says his life’s passion is remodeling his body

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A man named the human “Ken Doll” is not afraid to share his love for surgery, and in his case, he appears to be making a living at it.

Justin Jedlica had his first nose job when he was 18-years-old.

Since then he has spent $170,000 on 152 cosmetic procedures.

He has had a brow lift, cheek, lip and chin augmentations, four shoulder surgeries, triceps implants, buttock injections, Botox, his brow bone shaved, five nose jobs, dental work, peck implants and bicep implants.

He says his life’s passion is remodeling his body.

Jedlica said, “I mean I think it’s flattering.  I would hope that people would look at that and they would assimilate that I do resemble this Ken Doll and it’s an iconic child figure that we think of as you know a handsome male.”

Jedlica says he is not done yet.

He plans on getting work done to his abs, quads, and calves.