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‘Miracle baby’ survives fall from 11th-story balcony

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MINNESOTA – A Minnesota toddler survives falling eleven stories from a balcony.

His family is agonizing over his recovery and how this could have happened.

Doctors say the chances of an adult surviving a fall from an eleventh floor balcony aren’t great.

But, a one-year-old who fell survived.

“It’s definitely a miracle. it’s god’s gift to his family. kids don’t fall this far and make it very often and especially without a serious brain injury.”

Machines are breathing for the child at HCMC. He has broken hones and bruised lungs. But, the doctor treating him, Tina Slusher, says two things worked in his favor.

“Little tikes are more flexible and don’t break as easily as we do and he also fell in a very, very small patch of mulch,” said Slusher.

He landed on mulch instead of concrete.

The property manager says the recently renovated building is up to code. But leaders in the Somali community want changes.

Doctors say it’s too early to tell if the child will have long-term complications. For now, he is heavily sedated.