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4 Seniors: Extending your reach with the perfect grabber

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OKLAHOMA CITY - If it's hard to move around, a grabber can be a good tool to help you complete your every day life.

However, with so many different types of reacher grabbers, finding a good one that works well is not always easy.

A lightweight reacher is perfect for picking up small things around the house. The Aluminum Reacher with Magnetic Tip by Duro-Med is available in 32 and 26 inches long.

It also has a handigrip with a serrated jaw.

Experts say it picks up things like clothes, shoes and keys.

However, it doesn't work as well at retrieving heavier items like canned goods from shelves.

For picking up small and large items, the Ettore Grip'n Grab is a great all-purpose reacher.

It is available in 16, 32 and 50 inch increments and can lift items up to five pounds and four inches wide.

The jaw can also swivel 90 degrees to reach things in awkward spaces.

For those with hand or wrist arthritis, the 31 inch Medline Reacher has a handgrip that lets you use all your fingers to close the jaw for better gripping power.

The HealthSmart GripLoc Sliding Reacher is a 43 inch two-handed reacher that has a powerslide handle, which means there is no hand squeezing required.

For easier storage, the 32 inch EZ Reacher Collapsible has a slip-joint in the arm that allows it to fold in half.

Experts say it does a good job of picking up large and small items and it also locks into place without squeezing the trigger.

If you need a reacher for various lengths, the PikStik TelescoPik has a lockable sliding shaft that adjusts from 30 to 44 inches.

It can lift up to five pounds.

For outdoor use, the 36 inch Unger Nifty Nabber is ideal for heavier duty jobs.

It has a rubber-coated claw for a strong and reliable grip and can lift up to 20 pounds.

Reachers can be purchased at many pharmacies, home improvement stores and medical equipment stores.

However, the selection is very limited.

By shopping on Amazon, you can search for exactly which one you want.

They sell for between $12 and $40.