Storms possible this weekend

Booze bandits use blow-torch to steal $20,000 in liquor

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EDMOND, Okla - Merinda Anderson is busy restocking.

Police say Smithcot Liquors, located at 2nd & Coltrane in Edmond, was burglarized this week.

The intruders emptied the shelves, floor to ceiling.

Anderson said, "I walked into the back and the shelves were cleared. Nothing on them. It was crazy."

Police say the booze bandits used a blow torch in the wee hours of the morning to cut through the back door and ransack the stock room.

These intruders knew exactly what they were doing.

They emptied the wine boxes of cheap wine, then used those cases to load up the good stuff including Jack Daniels, Petron and more.

In all, they ripped off $20,000 in high end liquor.

There are motion detectors and security cameras in every corner of this store, even in the warehouse.

Yet, the criminals still managed to avoid detection.

Edmond police spokesperson, Jenny Monroe told us, "The system was set and turned on and they never triggered it in this heist. They had to crawl or scoot on their bellies to get underneath and get the alcohol."

The owner has repaired the door and is ramping up security.

Police are processing fingerprints found on some bottles and boxes found in the alley behind the business.