Bounce house injures metro woman and child

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EDMOND, Okla. - This week the story of a bouncy house blowing away with children inside made national headlines.

Now we are learning of a similar situation that happened in the metro just a few weeks ago at a 3-year-old's birthday party.

Nancy Kelly of Edmond says her 4-year-old granddaughter was in a bouncy house while her pregnant daughter was standing next to it.

That's when wind took it away.

Kelly said, "When this gust hit it took the moon bounce and rolled it probably 4 times. It rolled it over my pregnant daughter.  Then it went across a concrete driveway with chunks it and slammed into parked cars and a tree."

Kelly says she rushed both to the hospital.  Her granddaughter suffered a head injury.

"The vomiting started, she couldn't stay awake, her pupils were dilated." said Kelly

Her granddaughter suffered a head wound as well as numerous bruises all over her body.

Attorney Jim Buxton says the company in charge of the inflatable was Willy's Moonwalk Rentals. He claims they broke numerous Oklahoma Department of Labor standards.

Buxton said, "First and foremost it shouldn't have been set up. The winds and conditions weren't right.  Second of all, they should have had it staked down.  Also, there's supposed to be an attendant there to make sure it's safe and that kids are using it properly.  Our investigation shows the guy just dropped it off set it up and left."

We contacted Willy's - and were told they had no comment on the incident at this time.

Buxton has prepared the paperwork and is poised to file a lawsuit on Kelly's behalf.