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Update: Parents charged after allegedly filming little boy being drop-kicked in head

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Update: 5/26 – A Konawa man and his girlfriend have been officially charged with child abuse after a video surfaced on social media showing a teen attacking a small child.

The video shows a 15-year-old juvenile repeatedly drop kicking the 8-year-old in the head all while the boy’s father, Joshua Whittington, and the teen’s mother, Tracy Casteel watched and recorded the whole thing..

According to police reports, neither parent thought they were doing anything wrong.

Both adults were charged in a Seminole County court Friday with two counts of felony child abuse each.

Whittington was also charged with enabling child abuse.

As for Casteel’s 15-year-old son, he has also been charged with two counts of child abuse.

KONAWA, Okla. – The parents allegedly responsible for filming a disturbing Instagram video featuring their young son repeatedly being drop kicked in the head are facing child abuse charges.

It's hard to just keep scrolling when you see something like that on your Instagram feed.

Police say you can hear the parents, 28-year-old Joshua Whittington and 35-year-old Tracy Casteel, in the background as a 15-year-old drop kicks an 8-year-old in the head.

The video was posted to the 15-year-old's account and several of his followers sent the video to DHS and then to Konawa police.

Chief Joe Leeds, with the Konowa Police Department, says, “I was horrified. As a dad, it is hard for me to fathom in any kind of light letting somebody do that to my child. I can’t even imagine, let alone being the one holding the camera to film.”

According to police reports, neither parent thought they were doing anything wrong.

Randy Casteel, the father of the juvenile suspect, says the boys play rough but this is crossing the line.

“I told him right before he got in the cop car, what you did was wrong and you know it is. You have to face it,” says Casteel. “The adults there should have stopped it. 15-year-olds sometimes don’t make the right decisions, everybody’s been young. You have the parents holding the phone, watching the boy do it. Why didn't y’all stop it from happening?”

Police say what could have been a case of "he said, she said" turned out to be an open and shut case, all because it was posted on Instagram.

Chief Leeds says, “When you put something out there for 5 million people to see, countless people to see and somebody doesn't agree with it, we might just be getting a phone call.”

Officials said the 8-year-old boy has not suffered any physical injuries and is in protective custody.

Both parents and the juvenile suspect are facing charges of child abuse, allowing or enabling child abuse and conspiracy to commit a felony.

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Disturbing video shows little boy being kicked in the head repeatedly