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Oklahoma man tased, arrested for allegedly throwing rocks at cars, yelling at passersby

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Authorities said a call about a man throwing rocks at cars ended with tasing, a very interesting conversation and a trip to the hospital.

Oklahoma City officers said they were called to N. MacArthur Blvd. and W. Memorial Rd. Thursday evening where an man was allegedly throwing rocks at cars and yelling at people.

According to the report, officers found 38-year-old Ragel Desmond Johnson at the scene.

Officers said he was aggressive and combative but did not have a weapon.

An officer tried to arrest the man but Johnson resisted.

Another officer told Johnson if he didn’t calm down he would be tased.

Johnson didn’t listen and the officer was forced to tase Johnson more than once to get him under control.

According to the report, the officer said he accidentally tased himself while trying to take the man into custody.

Police said Johnson started saying things that didn’t make sense and talking about “Yahweh” after he was arrested.

Johnson asked if the officer was from Africa because he was African American and then told him “Yahweh will deliver Nigeria” because he knew the officer was from Africa.

He also told police he wouldn’t resist anymore because he now knows that “if the Oklahoma City Police Department tells someone to do something and does not do it, they will tase the person.”

The report states Johnson said he was overpowered by Yahweh and couldn’t taste or feel anything.

Johnson told officers he gained more power after he was tased.

EMSA took Johnson to the hospital to be checked.

Officers said the doctor told them Johnson would need to stay in the hospital because of the results of his lab tests.

Authorities have not confirmed what charges Johnson might be facing.

No one was seriously injured in this incident.