Good samaritan looks for family who lost keepsakes in deadly storm

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OKLAHOMA - Last year's destructive storms took so much from so many people.

Many irreplaceable photos and documents were lost, never to be found again.

Sheryl Berry came across some old photos that were rounded up after the tornado last may.

She was unable to find the owners and nearly gave up her search.

"I started tossing them in the trash this morning and I went, I can't do that - throw away things like that," says Berry.

She shuffled through the photos finding some dating back to 1911. Among the pictures, she found vital documents.

"As far as I'm concerned those are the most important things, the deeds and that birth certificate," Berry added.

Preserving the history of her family is a major part of her life.

She shows her grandchildren these photos, to give them a sense of where they came from.

"When you get down to the bottom line, families the most important thing you've got," Berry said.

Remembering loved ones comforts Berry, giving her a joy that is irreplaceable. It's that joy that, she doesn't want the owner of these photos to lose.

"A lot of our history comes from that kind of stuff and I just want to see whoever it belongs to, have it back."

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