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Cocaine, billionaires, State taxes; Some of the many topics covered today on Flash Point

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Today on Flash Point, Kevin Ogle asks is one billionaire battling with other billionaires and oil gas men and women over the hearts and minds of the governor and state legislature?

Ogle is referring to a recently posted article about George Kiaser.

The article talks about Kiaser asking to raise taxes.

The next topic Ogle covers is about former head chairman of the Republican party.

Chad Alexander resigned from "Oklahoman's for a Conservative Future" after police arrested him for possession of cocaine, and prescription pills.

Following his arrest on drug charges, Alexander announced he's now taking a leave of absence from politics.

In part three of Flashpoint, Ogle talks about one person saying "Fallin fell and bumped her head... She now has brain damage."

Wrapping up today's Flashpoint, Ogle brings up the Oklahoma hall of fame names.