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Around the World in 2 Days: Travel agent offers weekend trip to Australia

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A tour operator in the UK is offering a whirlwind weekend trip for the working traveler — if you’re willing to give up sleep on your vacation.

It’s a weekend trip to Australia, and it costs just $1,840. That includes airfare, two hotel nights and three days of car rental. But clocking in at 46 hours round-trip, much of that time would be spent in the air or on the road.

Covering 21,000 miles in two days, Austravel agents say the trip is doable, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Travelers would leave London on Friday, arrive in Sydney on Saturday evening, drive 12 hours to Melbourne and then fly back to London, all in time for work on Tuesday morning — provided you leave the gate and go straight to the office.

The itinerary includes the Sydney Opera House and a few other sights, and passengers can even buy “bolt-on” trips, provided they’re willing to practically fly by the attractions.

For those willing to travel halfway around the world in just over two days, it’s a dream. But for travelers who like getting some sleep and soaking in the culture, it might be better to wait for a week off.