Big Bones: Dinosaurs discovered in Argentina may be largest ever

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Courtesy CNN

Paleontologists in Argentina unveiled on Saturday what may be the biggest dinosaur to ever have lived.

Scientists estimate the titanosaur was 130 feet long — the size of two tractor-trailers lined up front to back. It weighed about 180,000 pounds — the same as 14 elephants.

Titanosaurs were herbivores that lived about 95 million years ago.

These fossils were discovered in a remote part of Argentina beginning in 2011. Scientists found about 200 fossils grouped together, what the museum calls a “dinosaur cemetery.”

The museum was able to piece together seven titanoasurs. They most likely died at the same time, maybe from dehydration or being stuck in the mud.

Discovered nearby were more than 60 teeth from carnivore dinosaurs, which suggests the titanosaur bodies were eaten by smaller, carnivorous dinosaurs.