Sooner Secrets: Group learns insider secrets about OU football

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NORMAN, Okla. - A group of ladies made Sooner football history.

They joined football players and coaches on the field to learn insider secrets about OU football that are usually reserved for the players themselves.

On the practice field they learned many insider secrets including what Cale Gundy puts in the practice balls.

Gundy said "They have water in them.  Why? Because it makes them heavier, correct? These guys have to focus a little bit more on keeping that ball tight."

The ladies even got a behind the scenes look into Bob Stoops routine for home games.

He joins the team in the chapel, always in the same seat.

Stoops said, "They know I have the one spot I'm always in.  For some reason, I've been doing that for 16 years."

The ladies were able to experience this unique opportunity after each making a donation to the Bob Stoops foundation.

Together they raised $20,000 for the local United Way.