Tiffany engagement ring lost in the ocean, returned a year later

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A treasure hunter who found a Tiffany engagement ring in the ocean returned it to its owner, almost a year after it was lost.

Eric and Courtney Vidrine were wading in the ocean at Jacksonville Beach in June when the diamond ring fell off her finger. They searched, but it was gone forever — or so they thought.

A few days ago David Sielaff was out on the beach with his metal detector. He thought he’d found a fishing sinker, but it turned out to be much more valuable.

Sielaff decided not to head to the nearest pawn shop. Instead, he found a serial number on the ring and contacted Tiffany, who tracked down the buyer.

The Vidrines said they were shocked when they learned the ring had been found. They thanked Sielaff with a bottle of champagne and a card, grateful that he decided to give the ring back instead of keeping his beach treasure.

“We thought it would be found eventually, but not this soon and certainly not by someone as honest as you are. I can’t thank you enough,” Eric Vidrine said to Sielaff.