Alarming number of 911 calls for babies trapped in hot cars

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Officials say they have seen an alarming number of 911 calls for babies trapped inside hot cars.

Comm Center Specialist for EMSA Melody Spruill said, "Over the last 10 days I've seen a big trend."

They've seen 14 calls in 10 days an alarming number this time of the year.

"It's scary to me because we just mid May, and we haven't even hit our hot season yet," said Spruill. "Several weeks from now, a month from now it could be devastating."

Officials say a child is found dead in a hot vehicle once every nine days, many of them are infants.

Experts say it can increase up to 20 degrees in just 10 minutes inside a vehicle even with the windows cracked.

Director of clinical services for EMSA in Oklahoma, Jimmy Winman, said, "When it gets to be about 107°F it just begins to cook sort of like a microwave and there's nothing the child can do to help regulate it."

Winman said there are ways to help prevent heat stroke in cars:

  • Never leave the car unlocked.
  • Teach your children the car is not a play area.
  • Leave a visual reminder by the car seat like keys so you will not forget about the child.

Winman said, "Bottom line is it's never okay to leave a child or even a pet for that matter in a hot car even for a brief moment even with the windows cracked."