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Caught on camera: Parents save children unable to get out of pool surging with electricity

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HIALEAH, Fla. - The video will put your stomach in knots.

Children aren't able to get out of the pool charged with electricity.

Florida police just released the video showing what appears to start as a typical Sunday swim.

Kids were enjoying the pool at an apartment complex with parents and grandparents to supervise.

Then the pool became electrically charged.

One girl touched the hand rail and became suddenly frozen after getting the jolt.

You can see a man get shocked as he pulled her out.

Many ran for safety but then another girl appeared paralyzed.

Her grandfather came to her rescue, yanking her from the water and getting shocked as well.

Officials said the preliminary investigation points to wires that weren't properly grounded in the pool pump house.

According to authorities, the pool passed a 40-year inspection just last year.

It also passed two health department inspections, both which require the facility be up to electrical code.

Currently the pool is closed and drained.

No word on if it will reopen.