Traffic stop leads to check fraud suspect

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EDMOND, Okla -- Brittany Jo Leforce was already on the radar of Edmond Police. There was an open investigation for writing counterfeit checks. But authorities say that was just the tip of the iceberg.

It all unfolded at the intersection of Broadway and 33rd in Edmond. An alert officer pulled over a car for an expired tag.

Leforce was driving on a suspended license. When police impounded her car and searched it, they found 22 printed checks from three different accounts and several bogus ID cards.

They also found post it notes with names and credit card numbers. Police say Leforce ripped off the information while taking phone orders at Edible Arrangements in Edmond.

Officer James Hamm said, "That's one of the main ways they get your information. When you go to the store, they write down your card number and quickly start calling and making charges. Or they call their friends, whoever is helping, they use it before they catch on and discover what's happening to their acccounts."

Investigators say Leforce confessed to a much larger operation. They'd print counterfeit checks and credit cards, use them to purchase merchandise at Walmart, then return the items.

According to Officer Hamm, "That's what they like to do. They buy items, come back later and get cash for it. They don't want items. They want money."

Police are trying to identify and contact potential victims of the scheme. They are urging everyone to check their account information frequently to ensure your account hasn't been compromised.