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Mother angry with school after child is found wandering city streets

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OKLAHOMA CITY - When you send your kids to school, you expect them to stay there.

But as we first reported last week, that was not the case at Monroe Elementary School.

Two kids from Monroe Elementary wandered down the road through heavy traffic two separate occasions, one week apart.

4-year-old Giovanny wandered away from school during recess last week.

His mother says she is very angry over the entire situation.

With Giovanny's degree of autism, he does not speak.

He was not able to ask for help the day he ran away from Monroe Elementary during recess and wandered down the street.

Gio's mother said, "This all happened the day before he turned four, and I just freaked out thinking what it would be like without him."

The scenarios run through Jennifer Alvarado's head.

"He could have been taken.  He could have been kidnapped by just some random, crazy person, by some sicko child molester.  He could have been hit by a car."

She says the school did not tell her too much about what happened that day.

She did not even know a woman, 36 weeks pregnant, saved Gio.

"Some people would have just drove right past him and walked right past him and not gave him a second though."

Her son made it a third of a mile away from school to a busy intersection.

After learning her son was not the only child to wander off from school, Jennifer says she doesn't feel like her son is safe there.

Jennifer said, "The fact that this other child left school, it just reinforces that he's not safe there and I don't feel any of them are."

The district sent a statement saying Monroe Elementary "has made security improvements to prevent similar occurrences from happening again."

Still, Alvarado took her son out completely.

She said, "I'm not okay with it.  This is not okay because this little boy is my reason for living and struggling as hard as I do."

As for the mother-to-be who saved Gio, she still wants to remain anonymous, texting "I am also thankful that he is safe."

Jennifer believes the woman who rescued her son will be an amazing mother.

Jennifer said, "I can't think her enough, and I wish her luck.  I think she's going to be an amazing mother because she did all of that for somebody who wasn't her child."

Jennifer is still working to find Gio a new school.

The family has set up a Gofundme account to help with the new school search and costs.