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New in blue: 45 Oklahomans training to serve

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OKLAHOMA CITY – The 132nd Police Academy began Friday at the Oklahoma City Police training facility.

45 new recruits are embarking on an intense 28 week training period that will include everything from firearms to ethics.

The new recruits, which include 38 males and 7 females, range in age from 21 to 44 years old.

18 of them have military experience.

The academy kicked off with a flag ceremony and an inspection of the recruits. The officers don’t mince words – criticizing their appearance, even the way they tie their ties.

But it’s part of the training.

“The first day is very stressful. They don’t know what to expect. They’re all individuals. They’re bringing in all sorts of different backgrounds and stuff like that so we try to get ’em to be disciplined right off the bat to make sure they bond and quickly gel together and learn as a group,” said Lt. Silvio Kimmeo with Oklahoma City Police.

The recruits are set to graduate in December and will then have to compete four to six months of field training.