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Oklahoman held at gunpoint after trespassing on the wrong property

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A man has been arrested after forcing his way on government property.


Just moments before officials say Donte Cannon was forced to the ground at gun point , Allison Irwin says he came and say next to her car while she waited to change a flat tire.

Irwin says it made her minor inconvenience a frightening experience.

"It's scary, I didn't know what he was up to," said Irwin.

She said he ended up leaving but, soon after Irwin noticed Cannon suspiciously walking around a DEA building, which was close to where she stopped.

The DEA asked NewsChannel 4 not to show viewers the building in order to maintain the security of the agents.

"He was obviously up to something," said Irwin.

Witnesses say the suspect crossed Broadway Extention and hopped the fence of the building.

DEA agents said once he was inside the fenced area he looked through the windows of the building, then looked back at the cars in the parking lot.

Irwin's father arrived in time to see Cannon being held on the ground, but didn't know how close his daughter had come to a potentially dangerous situation.

"That's very scary. It's the thing as a father that you worry about all the time. We're just blessed that she was able to get in the car and lock the doors," said Irwin.