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Plaza Towers teachers moves into new home after Moore tornado

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MOORE, Okla. - One of the many heroic Plaza Towers Elementary teachers moved into her new home today after losing everything last year.

Maylene Sorrles has 10 kids, so you can only imagine the inconvenience when they were left homeless.

For them, today's moving day meant a lot more than most.

“We are moving in today,” says Sorrles. “We haven’t been home in a year and 3 days.”

Moving day, one of the final pieces to the healing puzzle.

Sorrles and her family of 10 plus couldn't get the boxes unpacked fast enough.

“All of the kids are excited,” says Sorrles. “We can’t wait to finally get everything in the home and shut the door and be here.”

Life in a rental with 10 brothers and sisters has been crowded to say the least.

Sorrles’ daughter Aylee Hills says, “We felt really out of place at times. We weren’t able to hang up family pictures in the house. We weren’t able to make it our home.”

“It’s not the same,” says Sorrles. “It’s not our home.”

Sorrles says you don't know what it means to have a home to call your own until you lose it.

The past year has really shown her’ family and her Plaza Towers family what matters.

Even the smallest dose of kindness and support has gone a long way.

“It’s absolutely the little things that mean the most,” says Sorrles. “The people that show up to help us move in today, the people that show up to help give things, the people that show up to help build and put a nail in your home and to paint walls, that’s what matters.”

All of the furniture in their new home was donated by Bob Mills.

Sorrles says it’s that kind of generosity and kindness that has helped them through this year.

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