Watch: Depressed goat ends hunger strike after reunited with best friend

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A goat named Mr. G and a donkey named Jellybean lived together for 10 years in neglect before they were rescued.

According to Animal Place, they were one of the two sanctuaries offering to help the goat and donkey.  Animal Place says they could only take the goat, and the other sanctuary could only take the donkey.

After being separated from his best friend, Mr. G. became depressed and refused to eat.

After six days of starving himself, Animal Place thought that reuniting the two friends would cheer up their newest addition.

As soon as the two were reunited, Mr. G perked up and his mood changed.  He even started eating.

Now Animal Place has welcomed Jellybean into their sanctuary, so that the two will never have to be separated again.

Visit Animal Place’s website to read more on Mr. G and Jellybean’s friendship.

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