In Your Corner: Free apps to help you keep track of your stuff

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MOORE, OKLA. - The Johnson family didn't have a storm cellar.

Dad, Allan, flew into survival mode.

“I said we got to get out of here,” he said.

They jumped in the car and floored it to safety.

Their home though took a direct hit.

“As soon as we turned the corner you could see the side of our house was exposed,” Allan said.

Then came the clean-up and visits from their insurance adjusters.

Allan says the most frustrating part was trying to file the claim.

The Johnsons eventually got some help from Alice Young, an independent adjuster from Brown O'Haver.

“How I got the Johnson's $50,000 was not on big stuff,” she said. “If you look at this page alone, you don't see one item over $100.

Alice urges us to inventory your entire home, moving room to room, listing all items as we go.

  • Don't forget to inventory your attic and garage.
  • Take pictures or video record your belongings.
  • Keep a paper trail on your more expensive items.

“Electronics, furniture, appliances, any of that stuff, make sure that you keep receipts for,” Young said. “Those are the things that change the most in price, value and also will depreciate higher.”

Remember, should your items get damaged in a natural disaster the last thing you want to do is throw them away.  

Hold on to all of the damaged items until an adjuster can see them.

The In Your Corner bottom line is an inventory will help you expedite your claim process.

Keep your inventory records at a safe place other than your home.

Free Home Inventory Apps:

Know Your Stuff 

Allstate Digital Locker

State Farm HomeIndex

Liberty Mutual Home Gallery

OK Insurance Dept. MyHome

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