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New trend rising in popularity among brides-to-be

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A lot of brides-to-be start exercising to look their best on their big day, but there is also a surprising new trend with future brides.

Before the “I do’s,” some women are heading to the doctor’s office before they show off that big ring.

Some women want the pictures of their rings to be even more perfect.

Thanks to the selfie, hand rejuvenation is taking over brides-to-be.

“This usually is done in people with aged hands. But however we’re seeing more and more trend of younger people wanting to do this,” said Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bardia Amirlak. “A hand lift is when you actually try to tighten the skin around the hand by a small incision in the approximate part of the hand where it connects to the skin and pull the skin.”

Dr. Amirlak says other popular hand treatments include lasers for unwanted marks, or fillers to make a hand more smooth.

A hand lift costs between $600 and $1,200 per session, depending on the number of injections.