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Sticker Shock: Cooking out on Memorial Day could cost you how much?

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If you’re planning on cooking out Memorial Day, it’ll cost you a bit more to fire up the grill.

According to the latest numbers from Agri-Pulse, meat prices jumped more than five percent over the last year.

That’s because cattle numbers are at their lowest since 1951 and pork production is also down, sending prices up.

In April, a pound of ground meat ran $3.81 on average nationwide, which is a jump of 17 percent from $3.27 a pound in 2013.

Bacon prices soared to $5.69 a pound, up 16 percent from 2013.

If you are opting for steak, prepare to spend around $6.97 a pound, which is up 12 percent from last year.

Experts say harsh weather conditions and disease are mainly to blame.

One bright spot to balance the increase, the price of vegetables has dropped over the past few months.