Edmond Police Department looking into improvements for fire range

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EDMOND, Okla. - The Edmond Police Department is aiming to make their fire range safe and sound proof.

The range is in northeast Edmond, an area that used to be wide open spaces, but now continues to grow with residents.

Warren Creed has lived near the Edmond Police Department's training center for around four years and compared the sounds of gunfire to living next to train tracks.

Creed said, "If you first move here, you notice the noise, the pop pop, other than that, it's just in the background."

Creed said residents in the area know in advance about any disruptive training.

"They give us notice if they're doing bomb squad training or if they set off devices," said Creed "They give you three or four day notice on your phones."

While the Edmond Police Department said the range already exceeds standards set by the National Rifle Association, there's always more that can be done.

Officer Hamm said, "We're just looking at better ways to keep the sound in and make things even more safe."

Recently dirt was taken from the construction site of the new Public Safety Center, making the bullet-capturing berms taller.

Hamm said, "We don't want any rounds to go flying and go out of the range, from our agency or anybody else's agency that's out here."

The department is also looking into adding sound barriers on the range, to cut down on noise for neighbors.

Creed said, "I'm fine with them being there as long as it's safe. They were there first obviously and I chose to buy this house knowing that was there."

The cost for the barriers would be around $1 million and would have to be approved by the city for future funded projects.

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