Police: Vandals attempt to ‘deflate’ department’s extra patrols

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NICOMA PARK, Okla. - A metro police department believes they have been targeted by vandals.

Nicoma Park police say someone tried to damage their police cruisers, possibly in an effort to stop the department's extra patrols over the holiday weekend.

Chief Rob Groseclose says they were lucky the officers' tires were not damaged after hundreds of nails were poured out in an area where police were doing holiday patrols.

The nails were scattered along a pull off near N.E. 36th St. and Westminster, an area where Nicoma Park police are known to sit.

Groseclose said, "I guess they got someone's attention because they dumped several boxes of nails out in an area where these guys sit to do their job."

Police say Saturday night, one of their officers pulled up to the stop, working traffic enforcement as part of a county-wide effort.

As he was pulling up, the officer noticed nails, and lots of them, poured out all over this stop.

Police say they watch the intersection closely because they've made numerous stops and arrests there.

Groseclose said, "A couple of my officers really like and really like to sit there and someone noticed that and tried to stop it themselves."

Fortunately, a local roofer loaned police a magnetic tool, helping them clear the nails and hopefully save their tires.

Groseclose said, "There probably are still a few nails out there. We didn't get all of them, I don't think."

Residents in Nicoma Park are well aware of the police presence at the intersection though they were shocked to know someone would target the officers in such a strange way.

Sandy Freeman, a Nicoma Park resident, said, "I appreciate them being out there, really."

The chief tells us they were lucky the officer noticed the nails before pulling into the spot.

Being such a small department, the unplanned replacement of tires would have taken a big chunk out of their budget and could have been a safety risk for officers.

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