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Two Oklahoma groups demonstrate their science projects at the White House

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WASHINGTON D.C. – Today at the White House, some of America’s brightest blinded the President with science.

President Obama celebrated with science competition winners from across the country at the Annual White House Science Fair, including two groups from Oklahoma.

Tulsa’s Girl Scout Troop 2612, otherwise known as “Lego Queens” showed the President their Lego model and demonstrated how their “flood-proof” bridge would work.

The idea came to them after the devastating Colorado flooding last fall.

The design would cause the bridge to retract when flood conditions are present.

Also joining the Girl Scout troop at the science fair was a group of Oklahoma second graders.

The second graders designed an alarm system that alerts parents when they have left their child in a hot car.


According to NBC News, the Girl Scout troop and the trio of Oklahoma second-graders were the youngest participants at the White House Science Fair.