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Arrest Warrant: Woman stabbed with what “…looked possibly like an ice pick.”

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - Police are still searching for Reginald Lancaster. He's at the center of the investigation into a murder early Wednesday morning.

Police busted down the doors of his Northwest Oklahoma City home Wednesday evening after hours of begging for him to show his face.

Once inside, they realized, he was gone.

Neighbors watched from the streets.

"I rarely talked to him," said Al Green. "He keeps weird hours, and I rarely see him."

Lancaster kept his distance from Green, but others felt they knew him well.

"He was really nice," said Austin Schwinn. "Always working on cars and being very polite to us all the time."

Police say Lancaster has a criminal history dating back more than 20 years including assault and battery, burglary and drug charges. Now, they have a warrant to arrest him because they believe he stabbed his girlfriend, killing her, and attacked another woman.

"I can't imagine him doing something like that," said Schwinn.

The second woman called police in a panic. She told them Lancaster attacked her and stabbed his girlfriend.

Police found Lancaster's girlfriend's body next to a dumpster at a Midwest City Apartment complex. Doctors say in the arrest warrant that she'd been stabbed several times with what "... looked possibly like an ice pick."

Chase Cowart snapped pictures as the SWAT team rammed Lancaster's front doors 12 hours later.

"We stood there and watched it. The guy drove up on his lawn," said Cowart.

They used a tank-like ramming vehicle to get inside, but Lancaster was already gone.

Police aren't releasing the victim's name because they have no notified her family yet.