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As Thunder advances, Thunder fans find more creative ways to “Thunder Up”

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OKLAHOMA - It can be hard to keep thinking of different ways to show the Oklahoma City Thunder your love but NewsChannel 4 has found a few that take dedication to a different level.

According to Urban Dictionary, the term “Thunder Up” is used when the Thunder is giving a whooping to other teams and loyal fans are showing just how pumped they are, basically making anything “thunder-ized.”

When Orthodontic Associates says anything, they mean it.

Dr. David Birdwell says the best way to guarantee a win is to add a little orange and blue to your pearly whites.

“We put them on all day long,” says Birdwell. “Kids and adults both in our office, they love to Thunder Up!”

Now that your smile is are taken care of, it's time to add a little spirit to your nails.

Polished Nail Salon’s Heather says, “I can do the logo, or sometimes people like the lightning strike, or polka dots.'

It takes a keen eye for detail, but again anything for the Thunder.

“I do it so often to where I just have it down,” says Heather. “It’s every day.”

Last but not least, it's time for the game day "meal" of champions at Pie Junkie.

Owner Darcy Schein says, “We’ve got a lot of Thunder pie today. We’re ready to Thunder Up!”

It’s filled with a creamy orange moose and some sugared blueberries to top it all off.

Schein says the more pies consumed, the more likely the win.

“I think we do have some customers that’s part of their ritual,” says Schein. “Instead of wearing the same socks for every game, they might come in and have a slice of Thunder pie.”

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