Topless for Tickets: Texas Aggie offering free passes in exchange for peepshow on Craigslist

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas – If you can’t get tickets to some of the hottest events coming up, one Texas A&M student may have a last resort option for you.

A Craigslist user who goes by “Jake” has posted an ad stating he will trade tickets for topless photos.

His current offer is for passes to the Free Press Summerfest in Houston this weekend.

A general admission pass will run you $168.50.

The 22-year-old student’s proposition might sound familiar.

Similar posts were made on Craigslist for other events including a major Houston rodeo back in February.

The ad is drawing opposition with some critics saying it’s creepy and others calling it outright prostitution.

“Jake” said he isn’t too worried about the legality of his offer.

He told NEWSFiX in an email, “If the local police want to target a college kid who just wants to see a pair of…, that says a lot about the competency and priorities of our police force.”

“Jake” said he has received at least three honest inquiries and intends to collect on the offer.

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