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CNN: Donald Sterling filed lawsuit against NBA

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Los Angeles Clippers co-owner Donald Sterling filed a lawsuit Friday against the NBA, which has banned him for life and is moving to force him to sell the team, his lawyer said.

Multiple reports have indicated that Sterling is suing for $1 billion.

The Los Angeles Clippers saga continues to churn with contested information that could affect the team’s future and its ownership — this time centered on co-owner Donald Sterling’s mental state.

In public comments and official documents, Sterling and his lawyer have challenged the NBA on various fronts.

And on Friday, Blecher says he would not deny an NBC News report that Sterling is suing the league for $1 billion in damages in the wake of the push to force him to sell.

It’s not clear how the designation of Sterling being or not being mentally incapacitated might factor into this story going forward, including this lawsuit and the Clippers’ possible sale.

According to one of the sources, there is a provision in the Sterling family trust that says if either Donald Sterling or his estranged wife, Shelly Sterling, become mentally incapacitated, then the other becomes the sole trustee.

That could smooth the way for $2 billion deal that Shelly Sterling negotiated with former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for the team.

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