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Crooks break into OKC home and steal toilet paper, among other things

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Kristen Bailey and Deborah Mills love spending time with their dogs on their back patio in northwest Oklahoma City.

But the plywood on the back door is a constant reminder of where crooks used a brick to break into their home a day earlier.

The thieves stole their TV off the wall, took two computers and ransacked Bailey's room.

Bailey said, "It was kind of creepy to come in this morning and go 'oh, I didn't put my shoes in that bag.'"

They also took Mills' drums, amps and guitars.

Bailey says she actually witnessed the last item stolen when she drove up to their home around 12:40 p.m. Tuesday and saw a burgundy Yukon Denali in the driveway.

The crook was jumping off her front porch with a 36-roll package of toilet paper.

"The police said they were going to need all that toilet paper if they caught them," Bailey said with a laugh.

She drove down the street to keep an eye on them, called 911, and followed the burglars when they sped away, but could only keep up for a few blocks.

Bailey said, "So I was able to say, 'he went south on Georgia.'"

"I think she was pretty smart," Oklahoma City Police Dept. MSgt. Gary Knight said. "She was not putting herself in a position of danger with them. She stayed away. She didn't go charging into the house to see who was in there."

However, there were priceless items stolen - A wedding ring that belonged to Bailey's mom, and a Mickey Mantle autographed baseball given to Mills by her father, Denver, who died in the Oklahoma State plane crash in 2001.

"I was pretty scared," Mills said of the burglary. "Then again, it was a great opportunity to be humbled, I think, by the whole event. Sometimes you don't remember to appreciate your loved ones and your friends that show up immediately when you need something."

"If we could get the ring and the baseball back," Bailey said, "that would be a huge blessing."

There may be a cash reward for information leading to an arrest.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at (405) 235-7300.